Welcome Back to Basics

Here are your lessons! Take them one at a time until you feel like you have a good grasp on the material.

Basics Lessons

Some books I recommend.

Lesson 1: Getting Started
Tuning, handling, and knowing your instrument.

Lesson 2: The Bow Grip
Holding the bow and how to place your feet.

Lesson 3: Stance
How to place your feet when playing violin.

Lesson 4: The Left Hand
Finding the shape of the left hand.

Lesson 5: Rest and Play Position
How to put the violin up properly.

Lesson 6: Detache
The detache, or detached stroke.

Lesson 7: Martele
The martele stroke.

Lesson 8: Colle
The colle stroke.

Lesson 9: Spiccato
The spiccato stroke.

Lesson 10: Staccato
The staccato stroke.

Lesson 11: How to practice
A simple practice technique that will help you learn effectively.