Words from parents and students

“My daughter’s study depends a lot on the teacher, not only in violin, but also in other things. She likes you as a teacher. If she likes the teacher, she will have more motivation and interest to learn.

We hope she can enjoy music, and understand that playing violin can make herself and other people happy. We also hope that she can understand that nothing is easy. Everything needs effort and hard work to have achievement. I think the current mode of learning is very good. We also feel your video or audio are very helpful. She can follow it at home during practice.” – Student’s mom

Your patience and detailed/specific coaching is really beneficial to my daughter. Also you gave her lots of tips and strategy to help learn the new techniques which is very helpful. You also motivated her to practice by encouraging her and asking each lesson on how well she practiced.” – Another mom

“I just want to thank you for being the best violin teacher I could have asked for. I’ve learned so much from you-not just violin technique, but also important life lessons. At your studio, I was able to forget about my other problems and “get in the zone.” I never really looked at the clock becuase I enjoyed being there; you were able to answer my questions and give me good constructive feedback… You’ve helped me realize that I’m not as bad as I might think I am and that I need to care what others think of me when performing. You’ve also taught me how to improve with practice and gave me valuable advice about school and college.” – A student

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Who is eligible

An ideal student is that rare child that already likes the violin and has goals for their violin playing. He or she comes from a family environment that appreciates classical music, with parents that are positively engaged in their education.

Orchestra Coaching

Perhaps your child is very interested in playing music with other kids in youth orchestra. I have a deep interest in orchestral coaching and have coached for the California Philharmonic Youth Orchestra summer camp. I have also coached the San Jose Youth Symphony (Prelude, Intermezzo, Chamber Orchestra and Chamber string quartet), Prospect High School, and UC Santa Cruz Orchestra.


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