Online Violin Basics Course

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“I’m just starting out on the violin…
help me learn the basics!”

An easier way to learn the basics of playing violin. Learn with online video through my violin basics program!

Only $49 for a series of streaming videos that cover all the basic techniques.



No complex explanations-even a kid could understand it!

Just a simple set of videos to help you learn

From Tim Yip, violin teacher (MM degree, violin performance from UCLA):

Hey there —


If you’re reading this, you’re probably interested in learning the violin basics for yourself or your child, but you’re not sure where to begin… Maybe you have lessons but you can’t remember all the details taught. Too much information in such a weekly short lesson!


After all, playing the violin is difficult by any standard. It can be tough. That’s why I made these videos-so that my students have a resource that they can review to make sure they play properly day to day.

The Basics Program is specifically focused on helping you find your first steps at getting a violin up as quickly as possible — without all the other bad habits and poor posture techniques that many teachers out there unfortunately propogate.

“My child had her posture all wrong”

“Before my child was playing with the violin resting on a table. Needless to say, her posture was totally out of whack. Now our family knows what to look for with correct stance and bow grip.”
DJ Lee


“I had no idea what was right and wrong with my posture”

“Before my teacher would tell me to alter this and that about my posture, but I had no idea if she was showing me the right thing. Thanks to Tim I have a second opinion on if my playing is correct or not.”
Parag R.

Want some examples? See them here on youtube!

Program Overview

You essentially get a whole package of lessons for less than $50 that can be used any time – at your convenience, not just once a week at a set time – and it can use it over and over again instead of wasting paid lesson time every week repeating basic techniques!

You’ll have access to streaming videos with simple explainations on how to:

  • Tune and handle the instrument
  • Grip the bow correctly
  • Hold the correct stance
  • Make the left hand shape
  • Draw the bow
  • Place the fingers
  • Play all different strokes on the violin (martele, spiccato, staccato, colle)
  • Practice intelligently

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