What: Violin Recital
When: Saturday 10/8 2pm, please come 15 minutes early to tune. I will start it right at 2pm.
Where: West Hope Presbyterian Church at
maps icon12850 Saratoga Ave., Saratoga, 95070

(The church is right next to another church called Prince of Peace, so be careful to not get the two churches confused with each other)

Performer checklist

✅ Review piece in slow motion. Repeat slowly all memory spots.

✅ Eat a banana

✅ Prepare your recital outfit (boys: collared shirt, slacks (no shorts), dark socks; girls: modest dress)

✅ Bring sweater or jacket so you don’t get cold.

✅ Bring instrument and music

✅ Relax and imagine a positive outcome to your performance. Perform confidently.

During the recital

1. Please make sure that cell phones, children, and spouses are in a silent mode.
2. To avoid distractions, avoid walking down the center aisle while the students are performing. If you need to leave, do so quietly, between performers.


There will be a reception afterward, so bring something so we can celebrate together. Here’s a spreadsheet to sign up: Sign up sheet.

See you at the recital! I’m sure this will be a rewarding time for everyone!