Violinist Johanna Martzy

Yesterday while looking for recordings for my student, I discovered a violinist I had never heard before: Johanna Martzy, a violinist popular in the 50’s.

Born in 1924 in Transylvania, her playing was in the Hungarian style. She was a student of the very famous violinist and teacher Jenő Hubay. Her career was relatively short, but she left excellent recordings.

It is interesting to also note she played on the Stradavarius “Huberman,” which is currently played on by Joshua Bell (I also play on a copy of the Huberman Strad). She also played on a Peter Guarnerius previously owned by Carl Flesch, author of the Scale System, a staple of violin pedagogy.

I particularly like her recording of the Handel F Major violin sonata. She has rich, lovely tone and plays with a multitude of colors.

I encourage you all to seek great recordings of violinists to enrich your lives.

Posted by Tim Yip in Violinists