Skype Lessons

Online music instruction designed to help you progress in musical excellence.

Are you searching for a qualified, excellent teacher for your child? Are you feeling overwhelmed by travel and arranging lesson times given your schedule? Unsure with the quality of instruction your child is receiving from his or her current teacher and need a qualified opinion?

Skype lessons enables you access to the highest quality teaching which may not be available in your area. Flexibility for shorter and more frequent lessons may be arranged, resulting in accelerated progress.

As technology continues to improve, online music lessons will become more commonplace for serious musicians as it combines convenience and excellent instruction.

If you wish to explore working with Mr. Yip to help you progress on your music goals, please contact him to schedule a 15-min. free consultation.

Student Success / What others have said of Tim:

“Mr. Yip is one of those rare teachers who do so much more than just teach music. He is constantly looking for ways to help his students improve—for instance, when I was struggling with finding a comfortable violin posture, Mr. Yip would, between classes and on his own time, read extensively on how to improve my posture so he could discuss what he found with me in following classes. Mr. Yip takes a genuine and personal interest in each of his students, and I can say that I found a friend as well as a teacher in him. Through his teachings, Mr. Yip has kindled in me a deep love for music that I doubt can ever be lost.” – Jonathan

“Mr. Yip is an incredibly patient and inspiring music mentor. His calm demeanor and methodical approach helped me overcome the intimidation of new challenges and obstacles. Because he really took time to understand me as an individual, we were able to communicate with ease and efficacy. Mr Yip also goes the extra mile to teach beyond the sheet music, which fostered a wholesome appreciation for the intricacies and beauty of music within me.” – Abbey

“Studying violin under the guidance of Mr. Yip has not only instilled in me a love for music but also a sense of dedication and constant improvement. Mr. Yip’s patience and commitment to excellence helped me steadily improve as a player, advancing my position in my youth symphony and winning a competition to perform a solo piece in Carnegie Hall. Not only did Mr. Yip help me improve as a violinist, he also found great summer opportunities and internships for me to pursue my interest in programming. Mr. Yip is a great teacher and caring individual, and I am sincerely grateful to him for all he has done.”- Mario

“Ever since I started with Mr. Yip about 3 years ago, he has been a symbol of constant dedication to improvement and hard work. His unique style of teaching combines patience with persistence and kindness with sternness, making him not just a phenomenal instructor, but also an overall great person to spend an hour every week with. Mr. Yip’s contagious desire to spread knowledge inspires even the most simple of people to appreciate and find something more in the vast world of classical music.” – Nikhil