I am a violinist and teacher based in Bloomington, Indiana. I began my studies at age four at the Preucil School of Music in Iowa City. I moved to the Bay Area and studied with Byung Woo Kim, concertmaster of the San Jose Symphony. Later, I went on to study with Mark Kaplan, Movses Pogossian, Guillaume Sutre, and David Perry. I also got to spend a summer with Aaron Rosand at his intensive program in New York.

I went to the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory for a summer and St. Petersburg Conservatory for a fall semester to study abroad. I studied violin with two great teachers, Alexander Kirov in Moscow and Anatolly Davidovitch Reznikovsky in St Petersburg. I also studied chamber music with cellist Igor Gavrish.

At the University of Wisconsin-Madison, I researched Suzuki pioneer John Kendall for my doctoral project and was given an award for my research. I was fortunate that while I was in Madison, there was an opening for a teaching assistant in music history. Because I had previously studied music history as a minor, I was able to secure the position! I learned a lot about classroom teaching from my music history professors, professors David Crook and Charles Dill. I also worked for the Community Music Lessons program at UW and taught children, college students, and seniors. While at UW, I also was a program manager at the Division of Diversity.

I am now at Indiana University Bloomington working under Mimi Zweig. Besides teaching students at IU, I also work at Fairview Elementary School with 3rd grade violin classes.

Musical Education

Music Bachelors, Masters (UCLA) and Doctorate (UW-Madison), Performer Diploma (Indiana University)

Dorothy Delay Symposiums for Violin Teaching, The Juilliard School
St. Petersburg Conservatory, Certificate, and Moscow Conservatory international program, Certificate
UW-Madison Teaching Academy
UW-Madison Active Teaching Labs
Aaron Rosand Intensive Violin Program
University Workshops: Coaching and Developing Others, Teaching Character and Creating Positive Classrooms, and many others
MBA with an emphasis on developing people and organizations


I’ve worked with a wide range of students, from young children to College-aged students
Proficient on both violin and viola
University classroom and virtual teaching experience (course: music history for music majors)
Over 3 years of online string teaching experience

Professional Bio

Timothy Yip has performed throughout the US and has had music collaborations with Anne Akiko Meyers, Richard O’Neill, Guillaume Sutre, Stuart Canin, Mark O’Connor, and Antonio Lysy. As an educator, Tim has worked with students of all levels to develop their musical and technical skills. Many of his students have won orchestra leadership roles and competitions (See Student Achievements).  Students from his studio have graduated and gone on to institutions such as USC, UCLA, New England Conservatory, University of Washington, UW-Madison, and Stanford, among others. He is a skilled administrator and served as a manager at the Division of Diversity at UW-Madison where he supported students of color as they navigate work and academics on campus. Tim has won several grants to conduct dissertation research in the field of string pedagogy. Additionally, Tim won an innovation grant in the field of diversity. In 2017 and 2019 he attended the Juilliard teachers’ symposium for violin studies, where he observed and learned from leading teachers in the field.